Malik Fenn

Aging head of the Explorer's Lodge with an unknown connection to Victoria's parents.


Malik is an older man who has been an adventurer since he was only 14 and he has lived in Bloodcove for the last twenty-six years. He founded the Explorer’s Lodge three years after his arrival. At its peak, the Lodge was the foremost name in adventurers, acquisition and intelligence in the area surrounding Bloodcove, with many adventurers coming and going. As Fenn grew older, he began to act more in the capacity of a patron, paying adventurers to investigate rumors for him.

In recent years, the Lodge is well passed its prime; the only members now are himself and his faithful companion Yaya. He keeps his head low and doesn’t really involve himself in adventurers or exploration. The Lodge operates mostly as a house of curiosities; a museum of a glorious past long since vanished.

Malik is a sad man who longs for the vigor of youth. He is grumpy and has a habit of turning away all but the most stalwart explorers.


Chapter 1: Arrival in Bloodcove

Victoria and Gallus paid a visit to the Lodge, mostly out of curiosity. Yaya invited them in for tea but when Malik saw them, he froze; it was like he’d seen a ghost. He acted strangely during the conversation that followed; he was distracted and refused any knowledge of Victoria’s parents or about the Pool of Life.

When Victoria left, he told her to “burn the journal. Forget about the Pool. It brings only death”. He did not elaborate and Victoria left in a hurry.

Malik Fenn

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