Sweet Tom

Gruff Merchant, Frontiersman and Minnie's Husband


Sweet Tom is a gruff, no-nonsense old pioneer originally from the Dragon Coast. Sweet Tom does not mince words and he does not take fools, liars or cheats lightly. He’s got a fairly rigid sense of right and wrong, though he’s got a soft spot for children. Enjoys a good cigar and a glass of whiskey. To Sweet Tom, a bottle of Dragon Coast-made whiskey is worth more than its weight in gold.

Sweet Tom is known for falling asleep in “his chair” when he’s not working. He has a tendency to offer “paid” work to those passing through; he’ll pay a few silvers for them to take over his work for the day so he doesn’t have to.

He’s been living in the jungles for many years now and has become something of a fixture to the people of Bloodcove, who regard him as either an eccentric merchant or a crazy old man. This life, while rough and fraught with danger, is still the life he’s chosen and he doesn’t regret it one bit.


Sweet Tom

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