Bloodcove is one of the few bastions of civilization of the Fever Sea. Bloodcove borders both the Trackless Sea and the vast Mwangi Expanse—two huge wildernesses at the very edge of civilization. Its nearest neighbors are hardly much better. To the south there is the former Nimbali colony of Sargava, beset on all fronts by its former owner Nimbal, the greedy pirates who protect it and its own rebellious Mwangi population. Bloodcove is truly a lone bastion of civilization.

Officially, Bloodcover takes its name from the iron-rich waters that spill out of the Vanjir River, staining the waters red. Unofficially, everyone knows the name really refers to what the settlement’s wealth is built on—blood. For if the foreign exploitation of Mwangi is a living beast, as its victims sometimes imagine it to be, then Bloodcove is its beating heart, feeding on the grief of both the Mwangi people and the land itself.

Within Bloodcove’s twisted boardwalks, rafts and stilt-houses, allr esting on the intertwined roots of massive mangrove trees, the civilized world has come to the Expanse, with all the joy and suffering that entails. 


Bloodcove is unique as the entire city is built into and around the roots and trunks of the gargantuan mangrove trees that are found only along the Mwangi coast. The whole city is perched atop boardwalks and scaffolding that keep it out of the Fever Sea.

Most large commercial structures are build on scaffolding under the roots, while many residences are built on the roots themselves. Towards the trunk, where the roots are larger, more prosperous homes and establishments can be found.

Notable Locations

  • The Witchlight: The most famous and frequented inn in Bloodcove, located on Warehouse Row. 
  • Free Trade Square: A large open-air marketplace overlooking Warehouse Row and the harbor. Open 24 hours a day and sells all manner of goods, both legal and illegal. 
  • Explorer's Lodge: A two-story house that serves as the headquarters of Malik Fenn and his once-famous crew of adventurers. Now serves as a tomb to glories long past, staffed only by an aging Fenn himself and his faithful companion, Yaya. 
  • Aspis Consortium Headquarters: The base of operations for the Mwangi branch of the Aspis Consortium. 
  • Paulus' Herpetorium: A menagerie for exotic lizard, insects and plant life run by the eccentric Paulus, who has apparently lost his hand (and subsequent replacements) multiple times.  


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